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04/27/18 Added Corgi P-51D Hurry Home Honey AA27705
04/10/18 Added Corgi P-38J Scrapiron IV AA36613
03/29/18 Added Corgi P-40E Warhawk Aleutians AA35205
03/05/18 Added Corgi Fokker Dr. I Lt. Kempf AA38306
03/01/18 Added Corgi Mosquito, Spitfire PRU-1 set AA99110
02/23/18 Added Corgi P-47D Thunderbolt, Eagleston US33811
02/19/18 Added Corgi Stukas, AA32501, AA32515, and AA32517
02/12/18 Added Corgi Bf-109E Hans Joachim Marseille
02/04/18 Added Matchbox New pictures Russian MiG-15
02/04/18 Added Matchbox New pictures Chinese MiG-15
02/02/18 Added Matchbox New pictures Fw-190 Black 8
01/29/18 Added Corgi B-36 story
01/25/18 Added Corgi Albatros D.Va, Lt. Weiland
01/22/18 Added Corgi Typhoon Mk.IB, Pulverizer IV
01/07/18 Added Corgi Bf 110E-2, Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer
12/01/17 Added Corgi Bf 109G-6, Erich Hartmann
11/25/17 Added Corgi Bf 109E-3, "Pips" Priller.
11/16/17 Added Corgi F4U-1D Corsair, Okina01/25/wa, 1945
11/09/17 Added Corgi Tomahawk Mk.IIB, Neville Duke
11/06/17 Added Corgi P-51D (2 models, old and new)
10/28/17 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk1 (2 models, old and new)
10/19/17 Added Corgi A6M2 Zero Pearl Harbor
10/14/17 Added Corgi Curtiss P-40B Warhawk Pearl Harbor
09/18/14 Added Corgi Liberator B. VI, AA34012.
08/09/14 Added Corgi B-17F Memphis Belle, US33315.
05/26/14 Added Corgi Camel and HM Spitfire 1/48 scale.
04/26/14 Added sea-blue background to most USN ships.
02/22/14 Added Corgi Fokker D.VII Lowenhardt, AA38905.
02/09/14 Added Carousel 1 P-36C Hawk, #6122.
11/25/13 Added Matchbox F4U-1A Boyington, 92099.
10/14/13 Added Hobby Master F-86F The Huff, HA4301
09/14/13 Added Corgi Bf 109E Adolf Galland, 49202.
08/25/13 Added Corgi P-51 Mustang "Old Crow", AA32201.
08/14/13 Added SkyMax TBD-1, Lexington 1938, SM8003.
08/08/13 Added Hobby Master A-20G France Libre, HA4201.
06/20/13 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk I 49005 & Bf 109E AA32101.
05/28/13 Added Hobby Master German F-104G & MiG-21 MF.
05/17/13 Added Corgi Spitfire EP706, AA31902.
04/20/13 Added Corgi Albatros DV trio.
03/16/13 Added Corgi P-47D War Eagle, AA33826.
03/08/13 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk IIc, No. 1 Sqn, AA39702B.
01/30/13 Added Corgi Spitfire 70 years with Merlin, AA31921.
12/21/12 Added Hobby Master A-4K, RNZAF, HA1415.
11/17/12 Added Oxford D.H. 89 BEA Dragon Rapide, 72DR001.
11/04/12 Added Hobby Master P-39Q Quanto Costa, HA1712.
10/15/12 Added Corgi P-51K, Nooky-Booky III, HC32207.
10/04/12 Added Aviation 72 Sea Hawk FB5, 230001.
09/24/12 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bis (F-2), HA2415.
09/24/12 Added Hobby Master MiG-21SMT Soviet AF, HA0147.
09/08/12 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk IIC Racecourse AA32006.
09/08/12 Revised 08/16/12 update.
08/16/12 Added Experiments.
08/14/12 Added Hobby Master P-12 Prototype, HA7904.
08/06/12 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk I A-LK, 49104.
07/22/12 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4, Adolf Dickfield, AA34304.
06/23/12 Added Corgi Bf 110C-4 Russian Front, AA38506.
06/09/12 Added Helgoland to WWI, updated RN WWII ships.
06/08/12 Added SkyMax La-5FN White 76, SM2006.
06/02/12 Added Corgi Predators MiG-21s.
04/20/12 Added Corgi Ju 87 and Bf 109 desert camo schemes.
04/07/12 Added Corgi Vampire FB.9, RAF Hong Kong, AA37302.
03/26/12 Added Corgi P-47D Thunderbolt, Donnie Boy, US33820.
03/15/12 Added GeminiAces Spitfire XI Colin Grey, GARAF1010.
03/09/12 Added Superior WWI Battleships, new routing layout.
03/03/12 Added Corgi Hawker Hart 600 Sqn, AA39601.
02/19/12 Added Hobby Master F2A Buffalo, Hawaii, HA7010.
02/19/12 Added Carousel 1 F4F-3 Wildcat, Butch O'Hare, 6183.
02/11/12 Added Hobby Master CF-104D, Canadian AF, HA1054.
02/08/12 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Mahurin-Luzon, US32221.
01/31/12 Added Corgi Meteor F.Mk.8 601 Aux. Sqn. AA35002.
01/24/12 Added Hobby Master MiG-21RF Soviet FA, HA0144.
01/24/12 Added Hobby Master MiG-21SMT Soviet AF, HA0125.
01/13/12 Added Hobby Master F-101B Voodoo, HA3701.
01/07/12 Added Corgi Dr.1, Richthofen, AA38304.
12/27/11 Added Corgi Spitfire MKVB Durnford, AA31908.
12/17/11 Added Corgi Hurricane IIc, Night Reaper, AA39701.
12/12/11 Added Corgi three Me 262A-1A Swallows.
11/06/11 Added Corgi Sea Gladiator 'Charity', AA36203.
10/24/11 Added SkyMax Jet-Provost T5 SM7001.
10/16/11 Added Hobby Master T-6 Texan, Sweden, HA1517.
10/09/11 Corrected text in last posting.
10/08/11 Added Corgi Mosquito USAAF PRU, AA32807.
10/01/11 Added SkyMax F8F-2 Bearcat, Leyte, SM1008.
09/20/11 Added Hobby Master three MiG-15bis update.
09/11/11 Added SkyMax TBD-1 Devastator, Wasp, SM8002.
09/03/11 Added Falcon Fi-156 Storch, FA724001.
08/22/11 Added Corgi Spad XIII, W M Fry, AA37904.
08/10/11 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk I, Stanford Tuck, 49102.
08/01/11 Added SkyMax La-5FN, White 71, SM2005.
07/23/11 Added Hobby Master P-51D, Eagleston, HA7701.
07/16/11 Added Hobby Master Fw 190A, Black 8, HA7404.
07/14/11 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk I, Malan, 49001.
07/08/11 Added Corgi Spitfire Vc, Czech, AA31931.
06/30/11 Added Hobby Master Fury I "K1930", HA8001.
06/28/11 Added Witty MiG-29AS, Slovakia, WTW-72-019-14.
06/15/11 Added Witty Su-27 Flanker 305, WTW-72-014-014.
05/19/11 Added Hobby Master F-5N, Sundowners, HA3301.
05/05/11 Added Corgi The Suez Crisis, AA99151.
04/20/11 Added SkyMax TBD-1 Devastator, SM8001.
04/05/11 Added Japanese WWII 1/72 diecast.
03/25/11 Added naval aviation series.
03/19/11 Added Corgi Sopwith Camel, MacLaren, AA38105.
03/16/11 Added Corgi Sopwith Camel, Botterell, AA38101.
03/12/11 Added Corgi Fokker D.VII, Rudolf Stark, AA38904.
03/09/11 Added Corgi PRU Mosquito, AA32814.
03/04/11 Added Corgi Defiant, Cock o' the North, AA39301.
03/01/11 Added Hobby Master A-26 Invader "Stinky" HA3201.
02/24/11 Added Corgi Fw 190A-5, Priller, AA34312.
02/22/11 Added Corgi Fw 190A-8, Maj Buhligen, AA34315.
02/16/11 Added Corgi Bf 109E A. Galland 1940, US32110.
02/13/11 Added Hobby Master P-12E, US Army, HA7902.
02/08/11 Added Gaincorp Su-47 Berkut, 8018.
02/05/11 Added Corgi Spitfire PRXIX, The Last, AA38704.
01/31/11 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk I, Cozens 1938, AA39202.
01/22/11 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bis, Soviet AF, HA2410.
01/20/11 Added Matchbox P-51D Mustang, Brown,92098.
01/19/11 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Lt. White, US32215.
01/15/11 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Preddy, AA32205.
01/11/11 Added Corgi BoB Fighter Set, 49505.
01/04/11 Added Matchbox P-38 Lightning, Robin Olds, 91058.
12/16/10 Added Matchbox P-40E Flying Tiger 91059.
12/13/10 Added Marushin Ki-43 Hayabusa, S-16.
12/04/10 Added Phoenix L-39C Albatros OK-JET, 40001.
11/30/10 Added Corgi Me 262, Franz Schall, AA35707.
11/24/10 Added Matchbox Spitfire Mk II, Vybiral, 91736.
11/22/10 Added Blue Box Pan Am L-1011-500.
11/20/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-8, Dahl, AA34314.
11/17/10 Added Hobby Master F-102 Alaskan AC, HA3101.
11/16/10 Added Corgi Meteor F.Mk.8, North Weald, AA35010.
11/10/10 Added Skymax Strikemaster Mk.88 RNZAF, SM7002.
11/09/10 Added Herpa L-1011, Delta Air Lines, 560658.
11/06/10 Added GeminiJets C-17 Brize Norton, GMRAF006.
11/04/10 Added PAN AM B747Clipper Ocean Spray, N744PA.
11/02/10 Added Hobby Master Viscount, China United, HL3002.
10/28/10 Added Corgi Bf 109E Duxford, AA32111.
10/23/10 Added Matchbox Spitfire Mk 1a, Dunn, 91366.
10/21/10 Added Matchbox A6M5 Zero 03-09 green 91732.
10/19/10 Added Matchbox P-40E Aleutian Tiger, B1101.
10/16/10 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk 1a, E.S. Lock, AA39201.
10/12/10 Added Corgi SPAD XIII, Frank Luke, US37905.
10/09/10 Added Hobby Master Spitfire Mk 1, Ellis, HA7801.
10/06/10 Added Corgi Checkertail set, US39914.
09/29/10 Added Marushin A6M5 Zero, S-01.
09/25/10 Added Hobby Master P-51D Margaret IV, HA7704.
09/23/10 Re-photographed some pictures from last update.
09/21/10 Added Marushin Ki-84 Hayate, S-14.
09/18/10 Added Corgi C-47A, Buzz Buggy, AA38205.
09/10/10 Added Hobby Master Buffalo RNZAF, HA7002.
09/01/10 Added Carousel 1 P-40C, Flying Tigers, 6101.
08/27/10 Added Corgi P-40E Capt Vaught, US35212.
08/21/10 Added Corgi Ju 87B-2 Acroma/Libya, AA32504.
08/18/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4, Yellow 2, AA34306.
08/07/10 Added Corgi F4U-1D Lt Cdr Hedrick, US61005.
08/01/10 Added Corgi night fighters Bf 110G and Me 262B.
07/28/10 Added Corgi Merlins Over Malta, AA99182.
07/23/10 Added Corgi PBJ-1D, Black-310, AA35306.
07/07/10 Added Corgi Bf 109E, JG-3 Von Hahn, 49201.
07/03/10 Added Hobby Master AT-6 Texan SAAF, HA1515.
07/01/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4, Holland, AA34313.
06/25/10 Added SkyMax F8F-2 Bearcat, Jolly Rogers, SM1006.
06/23/10 Added Hobby Master A-4F Lady Jessie, HA1408.
06/18/10 Added GeminiAces A-1H Skyraider, GAUSN6002.
06/16/10 Added Corgi Bf 110G-4, St. Trond, AA38502.
06/15/10 Added Corgi Mosquito FBVI, Little Snoring, AA32815.
06/11/10 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk XIV Doodlebug, AA38703.
06/09/10 Added Witty Fw 190D-9, Fall of the Reich.
06/08/10 Added Witty Fw 190A-5, Nowotny.
06/05/10 Added Witty Fw 190A-5, Priller.
06/04/10 Added Witty A6M5 Zero, 721-23.
06/01/10 Added Corgi P-51D, Robin Olds, US32225.
05/31/10 Added Corgi Bf 109E-4, Helmut Wick, AA32102.
05/26/10 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Tempus Fugit, AA32212.
05/22/10 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Hun Hunter, AA32202.
05/19/10 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk I, Trop, 49103.
05/17/10 Added Hobby Master MiG-21MF SyAAF, HA0143.
05/15/10 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk II, Adolphe Vibiral, 49003.
05/09/10 Added Corgi Spitfire MkVb, John Kent, AA31915.
05/04/10 Added Corgi Corsair II, HMS Formidable, AA33015.
05/01/10 Added SkyMax Tempest V, Beamont, SM4004.
04/28/10 Added Hobby Master Harvard Mk II RNZAF, HA1513.
04/21/10 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bisR Czech, HA2404.
04/16/10 Added SkyMax La-5 Czech Air Force, SM2004.
04/13/10 Added Hobby Master P-26A Peashooter, HA7503.
04/12/10 Added Carousel 1 P-40B Pearl Harbor, #6102.
04/09/10 Added Hobby Master P-26 last USAAF, HA7504.
04/06/10 Added M3 MiG-15bis and F-84E.
04/03/10 Added SkyMax F-84E Thunderjet, Col. Scott, SM6002.
04/02/10 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bis Egyptian AF HA2408.
03/30/10 Added Corgi Blenheim night fighter, AA38402.
03/27/10 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk I, Brian Lane, AA31905.
03/26/10 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk I, Douglas Bader, AA32004.
03/20/10 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk I, Willie McKnight AA32008.
03/18/10 Added Hobby Master A-1H "MiG Killer", HA2901.
03/13/10 Added SkyMax Tempest V "Zipp" Button, SM4003.
03/07/10 Added Corgi Bf 109E-3 "Grunherz", AA32103.
02/16/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4, Nowotny 'White 8', AA34301.
02/10/10 Added Corgi Ju 87B-2 Stuka Eastern Front AA32503.
02/06/10 Added Corgi Do 17Z, France, 1940, AA38801.
02/04/10 Added Corgi A6M2, Kasumigaura FG, AA33104.
02/01/10 Added Corgi F4U-1 Corsair, Marine's Dream AA33008.
01/30/10 Added Corgi Hurricane, Photo Recon, AA32014.
01/26/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4 Double Chevron AA34302.
01/22/10 Added Corgi F4U-1A Corsair Lucybelle AA33004.
01/19/10 Added Corgi Fw 190A-6/R3 Eastern Front US34307.
01/16/10 Added Corgi Series page with links from home page.
01/15/10 Added Corgi Ju 88A Norway, AA36703.
01/06/10 Added Corgi F4U Corsair, Daphne C, AA33001.
01/03/10 Added Corgi F4U Corsair, VMF-112, US33014.
01/01/10 Added Corgi BAe Hawk, Devon, AA36005.
12/29/09 Added Corgi Bf 109E Ihlefeld, US32112.
12/24/09 Added SkyMax D3A1 Val, Soryu, SM5001.
12/22/09 Added Corgi P-51B, 1st Lt. Wetmore, US37108.
12/15/09 Added SkyMax F-84E, Lt. Kratt, SM6001.
12/11/09 Added Corgi M3 P-38 and Bf 110 Compared.
12/09/09 Added Corgi Bf 110C-4, France 1940, AA38503.
12/03/09 Added Corgi P-38J-10 California Cutie US36604.
11/25/09 Added Carousel F4F-4 Wildcat, Capt. Foss, 6181.
11/24/09 Added Carousel Bf 109E, Schroer, 7102.
11/20/09 Added Corgi P-47D Tuskegee Airmen, US33813.
11/20/09 Added Corgi P-47D Miss Mary Lou, AA33803.
11/19/09 Added Corgi P-47D Shilling, AA33801.
11/16/09 Added Hobby Master F6F-3 Lt Moseley, HA1108.
11/15/09 Added SkyMax F8F-1 Lt. Granat SM1001.
11/08/09 Added SkyMax La-5FN Captured SM2003.
11/05/09 Added SkyMax F8F-1 Beetle Bomb, SM1004.
10/30/09 Added Corgi P-47D Maggie, US33821.
10/29/09 Added Corgi P-47D Bonnie, US33814.
10/27/09 Added Corgi P-47D Shirley Jane III, US33817.
10/23/09 Added Corgi P-47D Lt. Fred Christensen, HC33810.
10/22/09 Added Corgi P-47D '11'-Green, AA33804.
10/21/09 Added Corgi P-47D Miss Plainfield, US33816.
10/15/09 Added Corgi Bf 110C, France 1940, AA38501.
10/14/09 Added Carousel 1 Bf 109E V-14 Ernst UDET, 7104.
10/07/09 Added Corgi P-51B Mustang, Maj Beeson, AA37107.
10/02/09 Added Hobby Master Harrier GR.7, Kuwait, HA2601.
09/25/09 Added Hobby Master Fw 190A-8, Dahl 1945, HA7401.
09/19/09 Added Hobby Master F3F-3 VF-6, HA7304.
09/18/09 Added Corgi Spitfire PR.XIX Memorial Flight AA38702.
09/15/09 Added Corgi P-51D Mustang, Goodson, AA32228.
09/10/09 Added Corgi A6M3-22 Zero, Takeo Okumura, HC33106.
08/27/09 Added Corgi P-40E Texas Longhorn US35213.
08/19/09 Added Carousel 1 P-36A Hawk, Lt. Rasmussen, 6121.
07/28/09 Added Corgi Bf 109E Werner Molders 49203.
07/28/09 Added Corgi Bf 109E Eduard Neumann AA32104.
07/28/09 Added M3 Corgi Bf 109E, Neumann and Molders.
07/25/09 Added SkyMax Tempest Mk V Free French SM4002
07/22/09 Added Corgi Blenheim IV Survivor, AA38401.
07/14/09 Added Hobby Master P-26A Selfridge Field, HA7501.
07/10/09 Added Corgi Mosquito Prototype AA32817.
07/07/09 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bis Night Fighter HA2402.
06/28/09 Added Matchbox P-51D "Old Crow" 91735.
06/28/09 Added Corgi Dr. I Josef Jacobs AA38301.
06/25/09 Added Matchbox P-38 Lightning 97476.
06/23/09 Added SkyMax La-5FN, Capt. Popkov, SM2002.
06/18/09 Added Matchbox F4U-1A Marion Carl.
06/13/09 Added Corgi Ju 88A-6, Italy 1943, AA36704.
06/08/09 Added 1/48 scale pages.
06/06/43 Added Hobby Master Beaufighter HA2302.
05/28/09 Added Corgi Canberra RB-57A.
05/21/09 Added Hobby Master MiG-15bis surrendered HA2403.
05/18/09 Added Witty A6M2 Zero *-110.
05/16/09 Added M3 Sabre-Mustang-Sabre.
05/16/09 Added Matchbox F-86F Mig Mad Marine.
05/16/09 Added Matchbox P-51D Shangri-la.
04/28/09 Added Hobby Master F6F-5 Hellcat Jolly Roger HA1110.
04/10/09 Added Hobby Master T-6G, Israel, HA1509.
03/29/09 Added SkyMax La-5FN, SM2001.
03/17/09 Added Hobby Master MiG-15, Pepelyaev, HA2401.
03/06/09 Added Hobby Master Kate, China 1940, HA2004.
12/18/08 Added Corgi Harrier GR.Mk.1 Wittering AA32409.
12/11/08 Added Hobby Master F-104C, Nevers, Thailand HA1002.
12/03/08 Added Corgi Albatros D.V, Von Roth, AA37802.
11/20/08 Added GeminiAces P-51B F. Frankie GAUSA2005.
11/19/08 Added GeminiAces P-51B Ding Hao, GAUSA2003.
11/18/08 Added Corgi Mosquito, Banff Strike Wing, AA32805.
11/14/08 Added Corgi Sea Harrier, Invinciple, AA32410.
11/07/08 Added Corgi A6M3-22 Zero, Nishizawa, AA33102.
11/06/08 Added Hobby Master B5N2 Kate, Zuikaku, HA2003.
10/28/08 Added Corgi Vampire FB.5 - TAF, AA37303.
10/27/08 Added Corgi Predators MiG-21PF VPAF 1968 PR99404.
10/26/08 Added Hobby Master F-4J Jolly Rogers, HA1905.
10/23/08 Added Hobby Master MiG-21 Romanian AF, HA0142.
10/22/08 Added Hobby Master F-100D RVN 1969, HA2102.
10/20/08 Added Hobby Master Mirage 2000 Tiger Meet 2004.
10/17/08 Added Witty Fw 190D-9 Yellow 16.
10/16/08 Added Corgi Sea Gladiator FAA 1940 AA36202.
10/09/08 Added Corgi Sea Hurricane HMS Indomitable AA32016.
10/08/08 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk. IX Biggin Hill, AA31932.
10/05/08 Added shark-tooth M3 P-400 and P-40E.
10/03/08 Added Hobby Master P-400 Airacobra, HA1704.
10/03/08 Added Corgi P-40E Warhawk Tex Hill, US35209.
10/01/08 Added Corgi Mustang IV Dooleybird, AA32206.
09/30/08 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk. VC, Clive Caldwell, AA31910.
09/26/08 Added Corgi Spitfire Mk.VIII Robert Gibbes, AA31917.
09/24/08 Added Witty and Corgi M3 Su-27, Hunter, MiG, Spitfire.
09/23/08 Added Witty Su-27 Flanker, Russian AF, Blue 319.
09/19/08 Added Corgi and Hobby Master M3 F4U - Hellcat - P-47.
09/19/08 Added Corgi F4U-1A Corsair, VF-17, AA33002.
09/17/08 Added Witty A6M5 Zero 653-111.
09/11/08 Added Hobby Master AT-6A Texan, Luke Field, HA1504.
09/10/08 Added Hobby Master P-39Q Cobra 1, HA1705.
09/04/08 Added Hobby Master B5N2 Kate, HA2002.
08/06/08 Added Blue Box UPS B747-44AFSCD.
08/01/08 Added GeminiJets Northeast Trident 1E, GJNSA770.
07/28/08 Added IJN Aux Kinryu and Nagaro, and RN BB Queen Elizabeth, CA Cumberland, CL Dido, and DDs JKN and Tribal.
07/24/08 Added Corgi P-38 F-4-1-LO Lightning, AA36606.
07/19/08 Added Corgi P-40E Col. Scott, White 7, AA35208.
07/13/08 Added Corgi Lysander Mk I, Palestine, AA36802.
07/09/08 Added Hobby Master B5N2 Kate, HA2001.
06/19/08 Added GeminiAces Mustang III, GARAF2002.
06/15/08 Added GeminiAces Spitfire Gabreski, GARAF1003.
06/12/08 Added GeminiAces Spitfire Beurling, GARAF1006N.
06/11/08 Added GeminiAces Spitfire Plagis, GARAF1005.
06/04/08 Added GeminiAces P-51B Captured, GALFT2007.
05/28/08 Added Hobby Master A-4E, Yom Kippur War, HA1407.
05/18/08 Added Corgi P-38J, Robin Olds, US36603.
05/15/08 Added Corgi P-51B, Tommy's Dad, AA37104.
05/13/08 Added Witty Hawker Seafury T.20, RN, #253.
05/12/08 Added Witty Fw 190A-5, Nowotny, Russia, 1943.
05/10/08 Added Corgi P-51B, Shangri-la, US37102.
05/07/08 Added Witty MiG-29A, Russian, 1989.
05/06/08 Added GeminiMacs C-130H-30, Netherlands AF.
04/29/08 Added rephotogaphed USN DD, Aux, CV, SS, Patrol.
04/23/08 Added rephotographed USN CAs and CLs.
04/22/08 Added rephotographed US BBs.
04/19/08 Added IJN CA Nachi, Suzuya.
04/18/08 Added IJN CL Kuma, Sendai, CA Atago, Aoba.
04/17/08 Added IJN DD Minekaze, Amagiri, Kagero, Asashio,
Hibiki, Hatsuharu, Mutsuki.
04/17/08 Added IJN BB Fuso and DD Wakatake.
04/16/08 Added rephotographed IJN Carriers.
04/15/08 Added rephotographed IJN Auxiliaries.
04/11/08 Added rephotographed IJN battleships.
04/09/08 Added rephotographed RN waterline.
04/08/08 Added Hobby Master Mirage 2000C Tiger Meet HA1603.
03/12/08 Added GeminiJets and Jet-X M3 BAe-146s.
03/12/08 Added GeminiJets flybe. BAe-146 GJBEE674.
03/08/08 Added GeminiJets Bombardier Q400, GJTYR737.
03/04/08 Added GeminiJets Trident 2E CAAC, GJCCA775.
02/29/08 Added AeroClassics VC-10 British airways ACGASGM.
02/28/08 Added Corgi P-51D Bunnie, Tuskegee, AA32203.
02/22/08 Added Hobby Master Bf 110G-2/R3 HA1801.
02/13/08 Added Hobby Master A-4G Australian HA1405.
02/07/08 Added Corgi and Witty M3 MiG-29s.
02/07/08 Added Corgi MiG-29 Fulcrum-A E. German, AA37501.
01/31/08 Added Corgi Typhoon Mk IB, Idku, Egypt, AA36501.
01/26/08 Added Corgi Corsair IV, HMS Vengeance, AA33006.
01/23/08 Added HM P-39Q Aircobra, Makin, HA1702.
01/16/08 Added HM P-39N Aircobra, Pokryshkin, HA1701.
01/07/08 Added Corgi P-40E White 86, AAF, Australia, AA35203.
01/05/08 Added Corgi Typhoon IB, Beamont, 1943, AA36502.
12/20/07 Added Witty MiG-29 Russian AF, Armenia 2004.
12/15/07 Added AeroClassics & BB M3 Mix & Match IL-76's.
12/15/07 Added Big Bird IL-76 Chinese Air Force, grey.
11/30/07 Added Phoenix B787-843 Alitalia Ferrari PH4AZA241.
11/21/07 Added Matchbox P-47D yellow nose C4499.
11/21/07 Added Matchbox P-47D red tail, yellow nose B6942.
11/16/07 Added Easy Model P-47D Angie, 37287.
11/09/07 Added Matchbox Fw 190A Black 8.
11/09/07 Added Matchbox Fw 190A Red 13.
11/09/07 Added Matchbox Bf 109G, Yellow 1.
10/25/07 Added Corgi Bf 109E Trop, CHC Anniv., AA32109.
10/18/07 Added GeminiAces Bf 109F-2, Hahn, GALFT3006N.
10/17/07 Added Corgi P-40F, LtCol Baseler, Tunisia AA35214.
10/11/07 Added GeminiAces Spitfire Mk. IX, USAAF, Lt. Ohr.
09/25/07 Added Witty Seafury FB.11 Iraqi, WTW-72-015-007.
09/22/07 Added Corgi Spitfire PR Mk IB AA31928.
09/19/07 Added Corgi P-51B Missouri Mauler US3710.
09/13/07 Added Corgi & Witty M3 Mix & Match P-38s.
09/13/07 Added Witty P-38, Elsie, WTW-72-020-003.
09/13.07 Added Corgi P-38J, Bong, AA36601.
08/29/07 Added Corgi Vampire FB Mk 5, WG833:GM.
08/27/07 Added Hobby Master F6F-3, VF-6, Vraciu.
07/27/07 Added Hobby Master Hellcat Mk.II, FAA, 1945.
07/20/07 Added Hobby Master Ju 87 Stuka Tank Buster.
07/18/07 Added Corgi & Witty M3 Mix & Match Zeros.
07/17/07 Added Witty A6M3 Zero, 2nd Flying Group.
07/16/07 Added Corgi A6M2 Zero, 2nd Sentai, Dec. 1941.
06/28/07 Added Witty Fw 190A-5, Priller, Belgium, 1943.
Added Witty P-38 Lightning, Dragon Tail.
05/25/07 Added Witty Seafury, 871Sqn, Royal Canadian Navy.
05/04/07 Rephotographed US Light Cruisers
05/04/07 Rephotographed US Cruisers
04/22/07 Rephotographed US Battleships.
04/11/07 Added Easy Model Yak-3, No. 15, 37228.
04/10/07 Added GeminiAces Bf 109F, Rumania, 1941.
03/14/07 Added Hobby Master MiG-21, Soviet AF, HA0125.
03/07/07 Added Hobby Master F6F-5 Minsi III, HA1101.
02/27/07 Added Corgi Kittyhawk ET953, Gibbes, US35207.
02/21/07 Added Corgi Spitfire VC, USAAF, AA31913.
02/17/07 Added Corgi Spitfire VB, EN783, Debden, US31923.
02/08/07 Added Corgi P-40E Typhoon McGoon, AA35211.
01/11/07 Added GeminiJets VC-10 BA, GJBAW658.
11/04/06 Added Corgi Enterprise NCC-1701, CC96601.
10/27/06 Added GeminiAces P-51B, GAUSA2001.
10/20/06 Added GeminiAces Bf 109F-4, GALFT3001.
09/17/06 Changed (improved?) navigation for aircraft models.
09/16/06 Added Witty Sky Guardians A6M5 Zero, ED-126.
09/10/06 Added Corgi Legends P-51D, 359th FG.
09/01/06 Added Hobby Master SBD-3, VS-5, USS Yorktown.
08/13/06 Added Hobby Master SBD-2, VB-2, USS Lexington.
08/09/06 Added Corgi Legends Ju-87R-2, Bulgaria, US32509.
07/29/06 Added Corgi Legends Spitfire Paddy Finucane AA31909.
06/15/06 Added Corgi Legends F-4U-1D, Ensign Lerch, USS Intrepid.
05/25/06 Added Corgi Legends Fw 190A-4, Horst Hannig.
05/14/06 Added Corgi Legends Spitfire LF IX, Johnnie Johnson.
03/16/06 Added Big Bird B747-244B SAA.
03/04/06 Added Corgi Mustang Mk IV, P-51K, AA32217
02/23/06 Added USN WWII Cruisers.
02/21/06 Added Dragon A330-300, GeminiJets B737-800, and GeminiJets B747-200F, all China Airlines
02/16/06 Added Witty A6M5 Zero 61-120.
02/09/06 Added Corgi Bf 109E-7/Trop, AA32105.
02/07/06 Added GeminiJets DC-9-30 Northwest Airlines, N959N.
02/02/06 Added Matchbox P-47D, Francis Gabreski, 91734.
01/31/06 Added Matchbox Spitfire Mk Ia, Brian Lane, 97481.
01/14/06 Added Corgi F-86F Sabre, John Glenn, AA35801.
01/12/06 Added Corgi P-51K, Mrs Bonnie, US32213.
01/06/06 Added Corgi Me 262A-1A, White 3, Adolf Galland, AA35701.
01/05/06 Added Corgi Spitfire night fighter JU-H, Durnford, AA31908.
12/15/05 Added Corgi Fw 190A-4 Tunisia AA32506 and Ju 87B-2 Trop Libya AA 32506.
11/10/05 Added Jet-X B727-021 pair JX051 and Pan Am Models B727-221A N368PA.
10/29/05 Added Corgi Hurricane Mk IID, tank buster.
10/26/05 Added Corgi F4U-1D White 167, Hedrick.
10/18/05 Added Matchbox F6F-3 and F6F-5.
10/07/05 Added Corgi's Guadalcanal Set AA99120.
10/03/05 Added GeminiJets An-124 GJADB581 and Dragon Wings C-5B Camouflage 55785.
09/21/05 Added Big Bird United Airlines B747-123 Saul Bass Scheme and GeminiMacs JASDF C-130H.
09/14/05 Added AeroClassics Li-2 ACAFL080 and Dragon Wings C-5A Galaxy 55780.
09/08/05 Added GeminiJets L-382B Delta Hercules GJDAL528 and AeroClassics Tu-154b2 ACDVB058.
09/03/05 Revised Corgi P-51D Kit Carson AA32207.
08/28/05 Added three Landor sisters: GeminiJets B777-200 GJBAW546; Big Bird B747-100 G-BMGS; Blue Box L1011 G-BBAF.
08/21/05 Added Corgi P-40 Kittyhawk I, Duke AA35204.
08/17/05 Added Dragon Wings A6M2 Saburo Sakai 50010, and A6M2 Pearl Harbor Attack 50021.
08/12/05 Added Dragon Wings Me 109G-2 Trop 50087, Fw 190D-9 Juterbog-Damm 50080, and Fw 190A-4 Horst Hannig 50083.
08/09/05 Added Corgi P-51D Petie 2nd AA32204 and P-51D Gentleman Jim AA32208.
08/03/05 Added Dragon Wings P-51D Glamorous Glennis 50001.
08/02/05 Added Corgi's Bf 108E, Hauptmann Hahn 49201.
07/27/05 Added the disastrous Dragon Wings Me 109E-3 50047 and Me 109E-1 50048, both Battle of Britain.
07/25/05 Added Corgi Corsair I - JT172, 1835 Sqn. AA33003.
07/24/05 Updated Corgi Black Double Chevron AA34302.
07/19/05 Added Witty A6M5 Zero 8-13.
07/18/05 Added Illustrated list for 1/400. Added Corgi P-47D No Guts - No Glory! AA33806.
07/16/05 Added Illustrated list for 1/72.
07/12/05 Added Corgi Fw-190A-4 Yellow 2 AA34306 and Corgi Fw-190A-6/R3 White 11 US34307 The Flying Mule Collection.
07/07/05 Added Corgi P-40F Warhawk, Capt. John L. Bradley, AA35201.
06/29/05 Added Big Bird Pan Am B747-200 China Clipper II.
06/27/05 Added Dragon Wings Northwest Airlines B747-200 N627US.
06/21/05 Added GeminiJets Southwest Airlines B737-700 N445WN
06/20/05 Added Seattle Model Aircraft Delta B737 N330DL.
06/11/05 All things yellow. Added Gemini Jets Southwest Airlines B737 and Court Line L-1011; Herpa DHL B757; and Seattle Model Aircraft Air California B737.
06/02/05 Added CC-150 Polaris to Dragon Wings 1/400.
05/12/05 Added Net Models category and Net DC-9 models, Evergreen International N938F and N940F.
05/07/05 Added Corgi A33007 F4U Corsair Lt. Streig.
05/05/05 Added Mosquito HR118, 3*W No. 235 Sqn.
05/02/05 Added Big Bird British airways G-BDXC
04/29/05 Added Big Bird British airways G-BDXJ
04/28/05 Added Big Bird British airways G-KILO.
04/25/05 Added Big Bird British airways G-AWNL.
04/11/05 Added Corgi Mosquito F for Freddie.
04/09/05 Added Corgi Willie McKnight Hurricane MkI.
03/30/05 Added FW 190A-4 Black Double Chevron, AA34302, to Corgi 1/72.
03/29/05 Added Delta A310-324 to 1/400 Gemini Jets; added first data sheet. Add links from photos on index page.

Added new photos of Phoenix DC-9-32 with experimental tarmac background.

03/21/05 Added Phoenix DC-9-32.
03/17/05 Added Corgi Tuskegee P-47D-22, Dragon Wings P-51Ds Big Beautiful Doll and The Millie P.
03/07/05 Added Corgi Hurricane MkIIC LF380, Hurricane MkI No 87 Sqn, A6M2-21 Zero Kasumigaura, P-47D Thunderbolt Herschel Green.
03/02/05 Added Witty Zero and Corgi Fw-190 Double Black Chevron.
03/01/05 Added Corgi Stuka, Libya, 1941.
02/25/05 Added comments about second Paddy Spitfire, which was a mess.
02/22/05 Added GeminiJets II Volga-Dnepr AN-124 and United B777-200, Seattle Model Aircraft British Midland DC-9/30/40/50, Dragon Wings C-5B 436th AW, Qatar A380, UAL DC-10-10, and C-130E 37th Airlift Sqd. Corrected (I hope) the last of the "potograph" cut-and-paste mistake.
02/16/05 Added three 1/400 Dragon Wings models: Delta Airlines B737-832, Northwest Airlines MD82, and Virgin Atlantic A340-300.
02/09/05 Added Herpa and SMA to 1/400. Added Continental 777-200 to Herpa and Metrojet 737 to SMA. Added TU154M, USAir 737-400, NWA 757-300, Sabena A320, C-17 McChord, AirTran DC-9-30, NWA DC-9-30, Saudi Arabian L-1011-385-1-15, and UAL 757-200 to GeminiJets.
02/03/05 Added AEROart P-51Ds American Beauty and Mary Mac. Added comparison picture of F-86 and MiG-15.
02/02/05 Added British ships Arethusa, Eagle, and H Class DD; Add US ships Balao, Benson, Cimarron, Farragut, Liberty, Livermore, Mahan, Sims, Somers, and Tacoma. Added copyright to pictures.
01/29/05 Added waterline ships: Japanese Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu, Ryujo, Hibiki, Minekaze, Kinryu Maru, Hoyo Maru; United States Saratoga, Lexington, Enterprise, Porter, Benham.
01/28/05 In 1/72 British warplanes, added story about the practical difficulties of returning the unreturnable "Paddy" Finucane Spitfire.
01/27/05 US waterline ships added: Arkansas, Arizona, Brooklyn, Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, Omaha, Tennessee, Texas. Added page numbers to top of 2-page documents.
01/25/05 First waterline ships added: Japanese Ise, Kongo, Nagato, Yamato, Sendai
01/23/05 First published: 1/72 and 1/400 airplanes

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