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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Witty United States

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
P-38 Lightning, Elsie, 49th FG Commander Col. Clay Tice

Sky Guardians. Well, it's like this. I kinda like it, but at the same time those ugly underwing rockets are beginning to bug me. I know some collectors like lots of armaments hanging off their models, but personally, I like mine straight--that is, aerodynamically clean, with no bombs or rockets. The P-38 is such a clean machine, it is a shame to ruin the model with all that ammo hanging out there in the breeze.

The basic model itself, leaving out the stuff hanging down, is a moderately sucessful effort, though it has two hard-to-get-around flaws. The first is the ill-fitting propeller hubs, which droop down a bit and make a bit of a nuisance of themselves. However, they do spin nicely. The second flaw includes the colors chosen to represent the aluminium skinning and the color in the non-glare areas on the nacelles and nose. The aluminium color is far too shinny. The non-glare areas are too brown.

I hope Witty plans to put out an air-superiority version of this model, one that won't be burdened with bombs or rockets. Also, it would be nice if they worked on the colors to bring them a little closer to reality.

Type Primarily an air superiority fighter, secondarily used in ground attack duties
Item no. WTW-72-020-003
Distribution Unlimited


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