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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Witty Japanese

Type Fighter
Maker's item no. WTW-72-012-006
Production run Unlimited

A6M2 Zero Fighter, Kohnoike Flying Group
Sky Guardians. Typical Witty Zero, with a little more color, and a repeat of the olive green undersides. It would be nice to know if Japanese planes were originally painted overall with a version of this olive color. Most manufacturers have used a tan or light grey to depict the light overall color seen in black and white photos and films showing real Japanese aircraft. One of the original Corgi Zeros used a light overall olive or greenish paint scheme, but used a light grey-tan color on later non-dark green models. Witty used an ugly almost medium grey at first, then switched to olive on the undersides of dark green models. Marushin has always used a version of olive for the undersides of their Japanese fighters. Interestingly, just yesterday I was watching a "World War II in Colour" episode (research, you know) and caught sight of an in-flight, olive colored Japanese bomber -- IF the frames hadn't been colorized. Wonder if Witty will produce an all-olive version of an A6M2?

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