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1/72 Warplanes
Witty German

Type Jabo and fighter
Item no. WTW-72-021-002
Distribution Unlimited

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Fw 190A-5, JG-26, Major Josef Priller, Belgium, 1943

Sky Guardians. This is what I first wrote about this model in 2007:

" There's a new Butcher-Bird on the block, and it seems to be a winner. Witty's practice of keeping it simple has given this Priller an attractive, professional look that is a pleasure to photograph and display. The sliding canopy is well done (though the painted canopy frame on the front of the sliding part is a bit heavy), and the general color and paint quality is topnotch. My only gripe might be the thickness of the plastic at the top of the canopy.

"This copy came with a flaw in the prop/fan mount. The fan stuck out about 1/16th of a inch, and looked pretty awful. I pulled the prop/fan off (it is mounted on a steal peg), made the hole in the prop hub a little deeper (don't over do it!), and reattached the prop. Worked like a charm."

Given events transpired and experience gained since then, I was a bit generous. However, I still had to re-photograph the model because the pictures were so utterly awful that there wasn't any choice (except to delete the pictures entirely, of course!). Hobby Master is coming out with a Priller Fw 190A in 1/48, and it looks like a honest-to-goodness knockout, no apologies necessary!


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