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SkyMax United States

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
TBD-1 Devastator, VS-71 0299, USS Wasp, 1940, "Neutrality Patrol"
Again, a topnotch SkyMax model takes a Hobby Master model (the Kate shown) to the cleaners. Both models are well engineered, and the mold makers did a super job in each case. However, the Kate designers missed the boat on the landing gear, whereby each leg is attached to the wing with a simple peg, an arrangement that is prone to sagging and eventual collapse. On the other hand, the SkyMax model uses a platform method of attaching the mains (and the torpedo), which gives the Devastator unparalleled display stability. In addition, the Kate suffers a major manufacturing flaw in the super glue damage to the front windscreen. With the SkyMax model, manufacturing quality is flawless, or as close to flawless as it gets in the diecast world. Hopefully, SkyMax will continue their excellent ways, and HM will take a few development and production hints from their (apparent) junior partner.

The Neutrality Patrol TBD-1 is a truly great model. No maker of popularly priced diecast does it better than SkyMax. That's not to say they are over and above Corgi or Hobby Master, but they are surely equal to the best in this scale. I'm looking forward to their next new mold -- a Yak-3 perhaps, or a twin-engined Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu (not to get too specific, of course). Yes, yes, I'm very hopeful...despite the odds.
Type Torpedo Bomber
SkyMax item no. SM8002
Production run Unlimited

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