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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
SkyMax United States

Type Torpedo Bomber
SkyMax item no. SM8001
Production run Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

TBD-1 Devastator, T-14, VT-8
USS Hornet, Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942
Even finer than the Hobby Master TBF that it is shown with, this first TBD may be the nicest SkyMax so far. The TBD model is smaller than the TBF, but weighs about the same; the TBD model has better engineering than the TBF; and the TBD has a comparable paint job and insignia application. The only complaint concerning the TBD is some dirt in the paint, and some sloppy hand painting (though there is something to be said about the personal touch). The SkyMax model sits on excellent-fitting main gear that shows no hint of weakness, and the fit of the landing gear and torpedo is unequalled. (I had to glue the main gear of the Hobby Master TBF to the wing to make the flimsy tabs and inadequate base-bars stay in place; for me, gluing is a last resort, and was done only after a half-dozen attempts at preventing gear-collapse.) The SkyMax TBD is crewed with Hobby Master WWII pilots (which finally drained my supply) and they fit perfectly. This is a top notch model, and I'm looking forward to the Neutrality Patrol version.

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