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La-5FN - No. 76, Major I A Vishnakov, Commander of 1st Flight of 171, IAP 1944
This is another nice La-5 from SkyMax. Now, if we could just get some WWII Yaks and MiGs from the same people.

This time the pilot is a Corgi offering, rescued from one of my photo stage disasters (this is a rough hobby). When a model gets crashed (usually by a falling backdrop), I save what can be, such as landing gear, canopy, pilot figure, tanks, and even the engine cover in the case of older Corgi fighters such as Mustangs, Spitfires, and Hurricanes. The pilot figures usually have a little peg on them, which can be clipped off. (In one disaster, I lost two Corgi Mustangs, in another I had my one and only TSR.1 smashed (in that case the canopy took most of the impact, though surprisingly the landing gear stood its ground without damage).)
Type Air Superiority Fighter
SkyMax item no. SM2006
Production run Unlimited

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