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La-5FN - White 71, Capt. K. S. Nazimove, 254, IAP, Poland, Summer 1944
Very nice model, excellent manufacturing, and I only wish the Russians WERE coming.

With all the potentials in Russian aviation diecast, it was disappointing to learn that Hobby Master is having trouble selling their MiG-15 (though that may be caused by HM's love of minimalist silver liveries -- borriiinnnggg). I have no idea how well the La-5 line of diecast is moving. However, there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm among manufacturers for making more Russian molds, which probably means there is little call for them in diecastium.

Stylewise, Russian planes are punchy and raw, and in that respect they are on a level with German WWII types such as the Bf 109E, Bf 110, and Fw 190A. I find an La-5 as collectable and as good looking as any of those German fighters. On the other hand, there is the eyes and beholders thing, so my opinion is probably just outweighed -- and I still think that the popularity of certain nationalities of models depends on the nationalities of the collectors. In that case, diecastium needs to gin up more collecting east of the border, because like some collectors west of the border, I like these little critters. Yaks, anyone?
Type Air Superiority Fighter
SkyMax item no. SM2005
Production run Unlimited

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