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Strikemaster Mk.88, Royal New Zealand AF, 1978
Type Light Attack
SkyMax item no. SM7002
Production run Unlimited
It is so nice to find an unexpected jewel. This is one of those models that intriques, but you're not quite sure whether it is worth getting (after all, there are certainly a lot of exciting diecast vying for those bucks).

The Strikemaster is a "solid model" (meaning there are no moving control surfaces) which is almost perfectly engineered. The struts and wheelcovers of the main and nose gear are assembled in the factory so they are easly attached to the model. The wing-loads fit easily and stay in place, and the canopy has a unique two-position design that could well be the answer to the clumsy and often ill-fitting sliders we all know and I personally dislike. There are no pilots, so I dug into my bag of extras (I know it's around here somewhere), and populated the model with two HobbyMaster WWII German types. I used the Germans because they fit better than any of the others (the stunted modern types are impossible), and besides, they've been begging for a ride for months. (Am I losing it?)

The colors are excellent and applied perfectly. The cockpit should be considered finished (after all, this is 1/72), and the detailing of the various intakes, scoops, and aerials is very impressive. (Not to be snotty, but this is the type of model Dragon Warbirds would have supplied with a bunch of plastic rounds and instructions about where to put them--with the customer left to puzzle out the intended meaning. Okay, so I am being snotty, but I've got a box of DW rejects under one of the beds and they still rankle.)

Anyway, good job guys and gals. SkyMax is definitely right up there with the best in the business!


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