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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
SkyMax British

Type Fighter
SkyMax item no. SM4003
Production run Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Hawker Tempest V, NV708/JCB, Wing Commander J.C. "Zipp" Button, 1947
Just insert here all the nice things there are to say about these SkyMax Tempests, and that will save everyone some time...

Gear down! I think...think...I've figured out the gear problems on these models. Evey once and a while you get a SkyMax model that will NOT stand on its main gear, preferring to do the splits or to squat on its tail like a playful puppy (how cute!). Pondering the main gear for the third or tenth time, fitting an inadequate peg in the wing, mumbling loud enough to be heard over Jimmy Buffett blaring out "Margaritaville", drinking cuppa coffee number three, I suddenly noticed that the gear strut was BENT! Yes, BENT! (Why the heck didn't I notice that before.) Anyway, it is really just a slight, continuous curve that causes the wheel to toe in. Thankfully, the strut is made of metal, so I carefully worked it straight, then inserted the gear in the wing. The model still wouldn't sit on its wheels, but at least the gear looked straight and true before I tested it. However, I was able to use my newly discovered, I'm-sorry-I-can't-patent-it-because-it-would-pay-for-a-few-more-models, hot-glue method of temporarily attaching troublesome landing gear. Hot dog and whoopee, and if only all life's problems were so solveable (and so inane).

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