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Comparing Corgi's Aviation Archive VF-17 F4U-1A fighter with:

Corgi VF-17 Legends
Hobby Master F6F-3 Hellcat
Corgi P-47D Legends
Type Large US fighters
Corgi Aviation Archive AA33002 F4U-1A White 29
Corgi Legends AA33007
F4U-1A White 3
Corgi Legends HC33810 P-47D LM*C
Hobby Master HA1104 F6F-3 White 19
Mix & Match collections. The two Corgi F4U models have totally different color combinations, and I suspect the Legends version is in error. I have seen drawings using the brighter colors, but drawings are notoriously inaccurate.

The colors used on the Hellcat are also different from either of the Corgi models, though they seem to be using the same scheme. The Hobby Master colors seem more accurate because the lighter blues are more muted.

The P-47 was added for contrast, being a big, short-span fighter that contrasts nicely with the bigger-winged Navy aircraft. The harsher Army green and grey stands out against the basic blues of the other three models.
Corgi Aviation Archive and Legends F4U-1A from VF-17
Corgi Aviation Archive F4U-1A and Hobby Master F6F-3 Hellcat
Corgi Aviation Archive VF-17 F4U-1A and Corgi Legends P-47D
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