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Comparing models of two post-WWII jet fighters
MiG-15bis (NATO Fagot) by Hobby Master and F-84E Thunderjet by SkyMax
The F-84 was a second generation jet fighter, originally developed without the aid of German WWII swept wing research technology. The MiG-15 was also second generation, but benefited from German research. The two-year period just before and just after the end of the war was critical for jet-powered plane developers in both the Western and Soviet spheres. The F-86 Sabre was developed right at the cusp, starting out as a straight wing design, and finishing with swept wings.
While the difference in MiG and Thunderjet planform is striking, the difference in size seems even more so. At first glance the F-84 seems slim and sleek, but when shown side-by-side with the MiG-15 it turns out to be a bit of a brute. And then, there are those stories about how long it took to get the thing off the ground. Note, too: The MiG-15 could beat even the Sabre to altitude. (By the way, the box is wrong. At the start of the Korean War, the Sabre was already operational. The introduction of the MiG-15 brought about the DEPLOYMENT of the Sabre--to the Far East.)

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