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1/72 Warplanes
Matchbox United States

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P-47D Thunderbolt, 82nd TRS - 71st TRG - 5th AF - 'The Flying Undertaker', Major William Shomo
Collectibles, 2004 release. Lovely, lovely. More Matchbox, please. The one I really wanted was the Bell X-1 (no, in fact, I'll take two!). Alas, not too be...

The cowling on this model is molded in yellow plastic, and puts me in mind of the old Aurora Zero, which was also molded in yellow, and which had a very heavy one-piece cowling. I've always considered that Aurora-created cowling a work of art (circa 1952, around the time I bought my first of many)!
Type Fighter-bomber
Corgi item no. C4499
Number made Unlimited--discontinued


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