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Chance-Vought F4U-1A Corsair, Pappy Boyington, no. 86
Matchbox Collectibles. Platinum Edition. This is a most excellent model, most definitely superior to any other F4U in this scale. Unlike my other Matchbox versions of the F4U and P-51, all the parts on this one are straight, and the paint job is superb. Details like the small bill-like cap over the rear of the canopy and the painted pushrod tubes, as well as excellent pad-printed insignia and blended tri-color paint on the belly and underwings make this model Matchbox's finest.

As before, I can't help but lament the passing of both these Matchbox beauties and the 1/48 scale models from Carousel 1. On the Platinum Edition box for this Corsair is the blurb, "Crafted by the Greatest Name in Die-Cast". That was in 2000. Truth be told, not all Matchbox airplane models were first class, but the potential was there, and obviously, so was the talent. (The last diecast airplane series Matchbox announced included a Bell X-1 in 1/72. Since the series was going to be released the month after the announcement, the mold must have been ready to go. Too bad someone didn't grab it up. Let the treasure hunt begin.)

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. 92099
Number made Limited

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