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1/72 Warplanes
Matchbox Russian

Type Fighter
Matchbox item no. B6940
Number made Unlimited--discontinued

Russian Silver MiG-15
Collectibles. I love the MiG-15 and waited for a long time to see one come out from anybody. This model has great colors and markings, and its shape is excellent.

See my comments on all those holes in the writeup for the Chinese version of this model

Cruel circumstances saddled me with three of these MiG-15s. I ordered the silver version from a vendor (along with a black and yellow-striped version of the F-86 Sabre), but the vendor apparently didn't get enough copies and I didn't receive the order, and assumed I never would. However, when the green camouflage version came out, the vendor sent that copy to me (along with the black and white-striped version of the Sabre). In the meantime, I had ordered copies of the silver and green camouflage MiG-15s from another vendor, which were delivered before the models from the first vendor. In the end, I had an unwanted Sabre, a silver MiG-15, and two green MiG-15s.

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