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Diecast Airplanes
1/72 Warplanes
Matchbox German

Dr. 1, Red Baron - 1/48 scale

Collectibles. Pretty plane, but lacks detail and has a translucent quality that makes it look more toy-like.

The box is another Matchbox exercise in minimalism, in which the model is identified simply as a Fokker Dr. 1, same as B6952 model below.

Type Fighter
Matchbox item no. B6938-0813G1
Production run Unlimited

Dr. 1 Werner Vos - 1/48 scale

Collectibles. Another good looking plane. It doesn't have the toy-like quality of B6938, above, because the upper wing was painted instead of being molded in the color of the rest of the model. Also, the blue used under the wing and on the struts gives it a more multi-dimensional look.

Type Fighter
Matchbox item no. B6952-0813
Production run Unlimited

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