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MB item no.B6950-0813
Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2013
MiG-15, green camouflage

Collectibles. I love the MiG-15 and waited for a long time to see one come out from anybody. This model has great colors and markings, and its shape is excellent.

Horrified: However, I don't understand why in the world they POKED IT FULL OF THOSE STUPID HOLES! The twit responsible should be sentence to hard labor in a strainer factory. This would have made an absolutely beautiful model if it had smooth skinning. Maybe someone at Matchbox could chip the pimples off the mold and issue a new holes-free version. Yes, it is true they are just toys, but with those holes they should be sold in a dollar-store AT DISCOUNT!

See cruel circumstances in my description of the silver version of this model.

The box is another Matchbox exercise in minimalism in which the model is identified simply as a MiG-15.

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