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Spitfire Mk 1a, Sqn. Leader Brian Lane
Collectibles, 2001 release. This is a wonderful little model, exhibiting all the best qualities of many of the Matchbox diecast planes manufactured by Mattel between 2001 and 2004. It's a shame that the small number of 2005 releases will probably be the last of this excellent diecast line.

The Matchbox Spitfire is shown below with the Corgi Legends Brian Lane Spitfire in the background. The Corgi is painted with flat paint, while the Matchbox is painted with semi-gloss. The yellow of the Matchbox propeller hub and the yellow around the outside of the fuselage roundels is deeper and richer than that on the Corgi. The paint on the underside of the Matchbox is cerulean-green, while the underside of the Corgi is light sky blue. The upper-wing roundels on the Matchbox are lighter-colored than the Corgi roundels. The Corgi landing gear is fixed down, while the Matchbox landing gear is fixed up.

Thank you Mattel for this excellent line of diecast airplanes. Hopefully, after-market copies of this model and others will continue to be available for years to come.


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