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1/72 Warplanes
Hobby Master United States

P-39 Aircobra, 42-19551, 46th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF, Makin Island, Autumn, 1943, Devastating Devil
Air Power Series. Pretty much the same comments that apply to the Russian version of this mold also apply here. And I would like to emphasis the excellence of the mold. Hobby Master and collectors will be very please with this line.

A Spell in Bell. There is one weird thing about HM's spelling of the name, "Aircobra". All the references I could find spell the name "Airacobra". Corgi is infamous for box-cover spelling errors, so it looks like we should either take some error-pressures off Corgi, or put the same error-pressures on HM!
Type Fighter-bomber
Hobby Master item


Distribution Unlimited

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