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North American F-86F Sabre, "The Huff", flown by Lt. Jim Thompson, 39th FIS, K-13 (Suwon AB), South Korea, June 1953
Air Power Series. Finally, an F-86 worthy of the name Sabre. The only other 86's I'm aware of in this scale are by Matchbox and Corgi. The Matchbox version was heavy handed, and the Corgi version I own has serious nose problems--I mean UGLY. I shot examples of all three, which can be seen here. This plane is absolutely gorgeous clean, and aesthetically beats the MiG-15 to heck and gone. However, the MiG still has that inherent Russian gutsiness not shared by planes from other countries.

This is hands-down a fabulous model, and the entire line should be a rousing success. Note: I had a heck of a time removing the canopy, until I realized the thing is supposed to slide. That I wasn't able to pull the canopy off is credit to its build quality and indicative of the quality of the entire model. Paint is great, including the excellent pilot figure, and the canopy even has the aerial molded in (a first). My only complaints would be the simple molded open gear doors, which have no inside detailing, and the lack of detailing on the instrument panel.
Type Fighter
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