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McDonnell F-101B Voodoo, "58-0259" 2nd FITS, Air Defense Weapons Center, Tyndall AFB, Florida, Oct 1978
Air Power Series. Mostly very good, this Voodoo has a good plastic to paint match, excellent national insignia, good cockpits for the scale, nice canopy fit, and very good landing gear stubs that fit nicely into wing and nose recesses. Unfortunately, on my copy, there is a glaring gap in the fuselage on the port side beneath the canopy. Also, there is a gap in the plastic between the starboard intake and the fuselage. One odd part of this model is a rotating weapons platform. The platform is on the belly of the model, just below the radar operator's seat. On one side are two white missiles, on the other side two red missiles. Spin the platform to select; "no missile" is not an option.

I do regret spending US$70 on this model. For whatever reason, prices are escalating rapidly, especially for HM diecast. Somehow, Corgi has kept price increases down; for instance, I bought the first Sterling for US$119, a good price for a lot of model. My slightly defective Hurricane from the new mold was US$39 (Corgi, please mail me that carb intake!), and the new-mold Spitfires are the same price. But purchasing these $60, $70 and $80 1/72 models has become a real drag on my diecast budget. Hobby Master is now the premier war bird manufacturer, turning out huge numbers of new models in a variety of scales, and is able to raise prices repeatedly. Perhaps their product quality and frequency of offerings have had the effect of expanding the diecast market to more affluent customers, or perhaps the expansion of China's middle class has widened the customer base. Whatever, higher prices seem to be here to stay. One bright spot is the frequency of sale items, seemingly caused by excess product availability, especially in the US; some excellent HM models can be bought for a song (I recently bought a 1/48 F4B for US$29, just half price). Unfortunately, this old retired guy, and avid collector, isn't able to keep up. Pricing has finally exceeded my "collector's conscience." The wife will be overjoyed, even though I'll still be dipping into Corgi's offerings and a few HM first runs.
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