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Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless, VS-5, USS Yorktown, Battle of the Coral Sea, 1942
Air Power Series. Another fine model from Hobby Master. This plane would have taken part in the Battle of the Coral Sea, the first sea battle in which enemy ships never actually sighted one another. During the battle the USS Lexington was sunk, and the USS Yorktown was severely damaged. The Yorktown returned to Pearl Harbor, where it was repaired overnight (literally) and sailed in time to join the US fleet for the Battle of Midway. During that battle the Yorktown was damaged again and abandoned, and the hulk was soon sunk by a Japanese submarine.

With this kind of high-quality model making, the possibilities are endless, and I'm looking forward to more SBDs. Hopefully, the new Hellcat and Avenger mold will be as excellent! And I wish they would change their mind and give us a 1/72 Wildcat.

Thanks again HM for producing models that can be displayed with pride and are a pleasure to own. You have a loyal customer here (as long as the money holds out!)
Type Carrier-based scout/dive bomber
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