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Northrop F-5N, VF-111 Sundowners
Air Power Series. Nice paint, great diecast engineering, exceptional subject, good assembly quality: altogether a very fine diecast. The landing gear is most excellent, and follows Hobby Master's/SkyMax's recent refinements to their pre-assembled gear that simply slips into the wing or under the fuselage. No more screaming, no more Valium.

As of this date every online vendor still has copies of this
model, so it is either moving very slowly or Hobby Master flooded the market. For me the price (US$54.00) was a surprise considering the small size of the model; I suppose this has something to do with the decline in the value of the dollar. The recent price rises for diecast are starting to pinch this collector, but we are in times of change, which means that those of us near the financial bottom of the collecting community will eventually be squeezed out. For now I'm hanging on, moving money from one account to another while sinking deeper and deeper in my not-so-easy chair. The vendor that sold this model recently lowered the price of at least one older Corgi by the same amount the price was previously raised, so the highter cost of newer models may be forcing cuts in retail prices for older these-things-are-like-gold heirloom stock items. Don't know, but one wonders.
Type Fighter
Hobby Master item


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