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A-26B Invader, 552nd BS, 386th BG, Beaumont, France 1945 "Stinky"
Air Power Series. Very well engineered model. All the attachable parts are slotted and fit snuggly. The three crew figures have plenty of room to stretch their legs. All the moving parts move. The silver paint is excellent. The only negative is the splayed main gear wheels, a problem that is pretty standard on heavier Hobby Master diecast.

Now that we have this US twin-engined bomber, and since Corgi produces an excellent B-25 (and the US heavies are pretty much covered by that manufacturer), we'll probably not see another US prop-type bomber from a major diecast manufacturer. There are some candidates that could be considered, but they don't seem to have the community-wide appeal of the B-25 or the A-26 (which probably owes some of its popularity to having also served in Korea and Viet Nam). One potential candidate is the Martin B-26 Marauder, another the Douglas A-20 Havoc, and yet another the Lockheed Hudson in its many guises.

A twin that would be wonderful to see, but I'm fairly sure we never will, is the Martin PBM Mariner. And a heavy (and I mean H-E-A-V-Y) that falls into the ain't-never-gonna-hoppen category is the Martin Mars, IMHO the most beautiful flying boat ever. And, getting back to land (since I'm wandering and rambling anyway), too bad we'll never see a Mitsubishi Betty that doesn't cost over $US300.
Type Attack bomber
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