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F-102 Delta Dagger, 317th FIS, 21st Composite Wing, Alaskan Air Command, Alaska 1960's
Air Power Series. Another top-notch model: The landing gear and armaments are designed to fit easily and stay put. Especially notable is the multiple-missle array, which comes as a single, separate, pre-assembled piece that slips into a slot inside the fuselage. The only complaint about the landing gear is the "weak ankles" of the mains, a' la F-100. The canopy has the best fit possible, though it requires non-oily fingers and repeated tries to get open (that shape ain't conducive to gripping). Included in the box are free catalogs for both Hobby Master and SkyMax, though they are more in the line of what has been released than what will be released (I can imagine a warehouse full of catalogs that went begging, attributable to the speed HM produces product; who needs a catalog while being practically buried in new offerings?). Still, they are handy for keeping tabs of your acquisitions, and the pictures are good.
Type Interceptor
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