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Type Attack
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Douglas A-4F Skyhawk, VA-164, USS Hancock, "Lady Jessie"
Air Power Series. Very nice model...and (!) I was able to figure out how to get the main gear to stay together and not collapse under the weight of the model.

The gear problem is caused by the tabs at the tops of the mains, which are supposed to fit into the plastic holders already inserted into the wheel wells at the factory. Before being inserted in the wheel wells, the holders slip nicely over the main-gear tabs. However, once the plastic holders are jammed into the gear wells, they become compressed and the tabs won't fit. The fix is to thin the tabs at the top of each of the main gears by filing. Quite a bit of the metal will have to be removed, but be sure to continually try the fit throughout the filing process to make sure the tab doesn't become so thin that it won't fit snuggly in the plastic holders. The tabs on the plastic wheel covers will also have to be trimmed, but that can be done simply and quickly with a hobby knife.

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