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Douglas SBD-2 Dauntless, VB-2, USS Lexington

Air Power Series. A new and exciting diecast model company, Hobby Master came leaping out of the gate with some gorgeous and highly sought-after models. Most of the current or planned models are not offered by other producers of 1/72-scale diecast airplanes. These include the Dauntless, Stuka G model, and MiG-21.

The SBD-2 on this page is a very colorful representation of a pre-WWII version, the yellow wings and tail being the standard Navy color scheme up until December 30, 1940, when planes were directed to be painted non-reflective light grey. The upper surfaces of these light-grey planes were later painted blue-grey.

Hobby Master did themselves proud with this well-engineered and well-painted miniature. The model comes with two canopies, one closed, the other open. The prop and cockpit are beautifully detailed. All the various parts of the model fit seemingly without seams, and the various engine, flaps, ailerons, and fins are faithfully represented.

Without a doubt, Hobby Master has set the standard for future versions of the SBD, and other model companies will have to go a long way just to catch up.

Type Carrier-based scout/dive bomber
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