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Hobby Master Russian

Type Fighter
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MiG-21MF (2300), 5th Sqn., SyAAF, 1973 to 1982
Air Power Series. Lovely to look at, with both excellent colors and general over-all quality. The landing gear is good looking, but the down-gear option takes an hour to assemble. This is because the parts have to be trimmed and refit ad nauseum, and the braces on the mains have to be either glued on one end while being properly aligned on the other, or attached at both ends with dollops of sticky clay. Hobby Master came up with a vastly improved method of attaching a similar gear arrangement on their MiG-15. Too bad they didn't realize the need much earlier, because the gear on this earlier mold is a real downer (pun?), and is the reason I haven't purchased many more '21releases.

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