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Hobby Master Russian

Type Fighter bomber
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MiG-21 Romanian Air Force, 1985
Air Power Series. This is just the kind of multi-hued color scheme I like. Unfortunately, the model has more than its fair share of scratches, and they appear all over the model. In addition, there are wear or rub marks on the leading edges of the wings caused by the plastic restraining tabs on the bubble wrap. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable model, and I might try one more MiG-21 if HM offers another attractive scheme. Another thing: I can't complain about the hour spent assembling the landing gear and weapons load, because I bought the model knowing full well what was going to happen--but, man, I hate working with those fiddly parts (this time I actually got the main gear braces attached using a little stick clay). Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain. Grumble, grumble.

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