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Type Fighter
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Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
MiG-21SMT "Hump Back" Soviet Air Force No. 92
Air Power Series. Assembly quality is good, with the usual gap problems around the piece that fits under the nose and cockpit. After reading about tacky wax on the British forum, I used some to attach the braces to the main gear, pieces I previously would have had to leave off. The panel lines are slightly darkened, though seemingly to little effect. (The hump back is that slightly larger spine behind the cockpit.)

In the past I railed against the small parts on this model, but after much practice, practice, practice, I think I can assemble one in the dark. This will come in handy if I miscalculate my diecast budget, and end up not being able to pay the power bill. After all, we have our priorities, don't we?

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