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It Seemed a Good Idea At the Time that if you have questions or suggestion about Hobby Master models, contact the company directly. So I did.

To my question about the possibility of getting the subject model in something other than silver, the answer was, "There are a few camouflaged ones that we should consider as you mentioned." So there you have it. We can hope for a little camo.

In conclusion, I recommend that you skip this update: take a walk, bath the cat, watch a game, take a drive, or take out the garbage. I guarantee that any of these activities will be more productive, and probably more enjoyable. In the meantime, I'm going to look for anything with more color, even if it's the garbage.

(So far, HM has produced 11 silver and 1 camo MiG-15. Given that fact, I thought the limited edition Wang Hai was a bit ironic: "Only 1,000? Hey, gotta get me one of those!")
I started this crazy project with the intention of showing how boooring silver MiG-15s can get after the umpteenth iteration. I also wanted to see how well the new blue background worked with a silver model. While the blue worked better than expected (eye of the beholder, obviously), the original intent of the project worked against me, and just getting the original 400 pictures organized and edited down to 150 divided into three sections became a mind-numbing chore. Through it all, this fact was firmly established: too many silver MiG-15s is too many, no doubt about it!

I read somewhere on what I call the British Diecast Forum ("The Diecast Aviation Web Site and Forum") that the MiG-15bis hasn't sold very well, and given the number of copies still on vendors' shelves, I can believe it. However, while working on this project, I read on the Hobby Master Collector web page (highly recommended for HM collectors),

Chinese People's Volunteer Air Force North Korea 1953 "Wang Hai"
Chinese People's Volunteer Air Force Korean War
Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force "1765"
Type Fighter
HM item no. HA2405
Run amt. 0138 of 1000
Type Fighter
HM item no. HA2409
Run amt. Unlimited
Type Fighter
HM item no. HA2412
Run amt. Unlimited
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