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East German Crossover
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In 1990 the eastern and western German air forces merged into a new German Air Force, and the previous East German MiG and Sukhoi types served in German Air Force colors. However, in practice, the Soviet planes were rapidly retired and sold to other countries that still used Soviet equipment (except for the MiG-29s, which were assigned to a new German aggressor training unit).

The Starfighter served in the German Air Force from 1960 to 1991. It had a long-standing reputation in Germany as a pilot killer, and was variously called widow-maker, flying coffin, falling fighter, and ground nail. While the fighter's accident rate was gradually improved, the original reputation stuck, and it was eventually replaced with the F-4 Phantom. Of the 916 Starfighters in force, 292 were lost.
F-104G Starfighter, German Air Force, Jabog 31 MiG-21 MF JG-1, Dec. 1990
Type Fighter
HM item no. HA1008
Run amt. Unlimited
Type Fighter
HM item no. HA0104
Run amt. Unlimited

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