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Hobby Master German

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Bf 110G-2/R3 2N+EM, II/ZG 76 (Second Formation), Defense of the Reich
Air Power Series. At last, a Bf 110, a plane which I always imagined to be the big brother version of the Bf 109 -- same squared-off wings, same inverted engine, and same greenhouse canopy with lots of bracing.

Spot on. This HM version is high quality, with subdued panel lines and mostly good fit. The only fit problem seems to be the canopy, which won't push down all the way on the port side. In addition, the starboard main gear is crooked but I didn't want to take the chance of fiddling with it. The finish is good looking and finally applied, and it survived my inadvertant drop-test when the model fell off the wood pole on which it was mounted during picture taking. Ouch, but no apparent damage was done.

Captivating. Two captured pilots, one Russian and the other American (allies, you know), flew this particular model during its fifteen minutes of fame. Both pilots came from Hobby Master's P-39 models and fit perfectly (uniform color excepted).

Plain plane. Hopefully HM plans to produce an early versions of this aircraft, one flown around the early battles over France or Britain.
Type Heavy fighter
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