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Mirage 2000, 2004 NATO Tiger Meet
Air Power Series. Another very nice model from HM. I never thought I would be a modern-jet collector, but there you are. The quality of these models is amazing. Assembly is almost flawless, paint is sharp and flawless, and the engineering of the model is almost flawless.

Sitting down on the job. There are just two irritating problems: glue can be seen around the seam on the nose cone; and, the model is a tail sitter. I'm surprised HM's engineers didn't fix that last problem during development. As it is, the model balances with its front wheels about 1/16th inch from the table top, from which a deep sigh or perhaps an earthquake halfway around the world will cause it to plop down on its rear end. Sigh... Anyway, I used tacky glue to hold the nose down, then Photoshopped the offending blue-glue from the pictures.
Type Fighter-bomber
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