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Lockheed CF-104D Starfighter, Canadian Armed Force "104650"
Air Power Series. In a word, exceptional. While I know that the F-104 is a big seller for Hobby Master (I think I read that it is their biggest), it's possible that this two-seat version may take sales to the stratosphere. If I've counted right (on the HM website), there have been 17 single seat releases, while this is the fifth two-seat release. I usually stay away from models of two-seat conversions because the results are often just plain ugly. However, too my eye at least, this two-seater is the best looking of the two versions. In addition to good looks, the model has super fit and finish and excellent detailing in such things as the formation lights and the spiral painting on the Pitot. The cockpit is superior, the pilots fit right in, and the canopy is the clearest I've seen in a diecast. Lastly, the landing gear is easy to set up, and stays in place. All in all, this is top notch Hobby Master.
Type Fighter
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