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Type Attack
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Distribution Unlimited

A-4K Skyhawk, NZ6205, No. 75 Sqn., RNZAF, Ohakea AFB, late 1980s
Air Power Series.This is a very nice A-4. The model has a good paint job, the fit and finish is good, and it still comes with a pilot!

I got out of the navy in August, 1966. The ammunition ship I was on deployed to Vietnam in 1965, so we were over there a year, returning just a month before my enlistment ended. During the deployment, A-4s and F-8s were still common on the decks of the carriers that came alongside, as were A-1s, and F-4s. We would often watch flights of A-4s returning from attacks on the mainland, and at one point, I thought I had a great photo of three A-4s in close formation over the ship, but when I got the slides back the picture was blurry, probably from hand-shake. I can't remember watching A-4s actually take off or land, though we were frequently alongside when A-1s were launching and F-4s were landing. (You can't imagine the sound an F-4 made when it hit the deck of a carrier. It was a really heavy wham-thunk, and it happened very fast, more like a controlled crash than anything else.) My shared duty station during unreps (underway replenishments) was as a phone talker on the port-side bridge wing, so those of us who shared that station had a pretty good view of all the activity going on, including landings, launches, bombs being passed, and water lines being strung (the older carriers needed our ship's water for the steam catapults). All this was ripe subject-matter for me and my Nikon F, and the captain let me have the camera at my unrep station (or I should say, he didn't have someone tell me NOT to have it!). Someday I'd like to go through the pictures I took then and see if they are any good. Maybe I can get them digitized. Time will tell.


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