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Bristol Beaufighter Mk.1F, R2101/NG-R "Flt Lt John Cunningham"
Air Power Series. The box advertises this model as a Premium Quality Product, which can be read as either "Premium-Quality Product" or "Premium, Quality Product", but either way, the blurb writers are absolutely right. Surely, no better mold of the Beaufighter in this scale will ever be made. When you compare this Beaufighter's mold, painting, and assembly with Hobby Master's first mold of the SBD, it is amazing to see how far the company has come. This model is truly a miniature WWII masterpiece, and I'm looking forward to more of the same.

Bone to pick. Yes, this is a COMPLAINT. All of us who have collected Corgi models are familiar with graphics or spelling errors made on the boxes. So, when the Beaufighter box showed pointy spinners on the props, but the model came without said spinners, I assumed a mistake had been made on the box, and that the model was the way it should be. It wasn't until I had completed an entire photo session that I discovered detachable black spinners in the plastic bag with the black stand! Hobby Master, maybe you could include a drawing showing that spinners are to be installed, Mmmmmm?
Type Night fighter
Hobby Master item


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