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Hellcat Mk.II, Fleet Air Arm, No. 804 Squadron, 1945
Air Power Series. The first British version of Hobby Master's Hellcat mold. Nicely done, as usual, but the lack of a pilot is a bit putting-off. There is a gear-up option, but why bother unless you plan to fly the model as a drone? Anyhow, the model really is a must-have if you are a Hellcat fan. See the previous Hellcat review.

For those taking digital photos of their models.This model's low color-contrast made it a difficult subject. The two-tone upper surface, and the subtle green of the under-side, combined with the reflective qualities of the "ground-cover", were hard to balance. Eventually you have to say "enough", and after three photo sessions with this model and about 150 pictures using different backgrounds and exposures, I did just that...(the "enough" sounding more like an "arghhh"!).

Photo lessons. The darker background produced a truer, but duller rendition of the comouflage colors, but I think I finally figured out (but don't hold me to it!) that just for the sake of getting a fun picture, if the model is darker, the background should be lighter, and if the model is lighter...well, you get the idea. The Minsi III should have been shot with a lighter background.

White balance. Also, it is always critical to set the camera's white balance, making sure to fine-tune the white balance with some test shots, and to display the results on the computer monitor.
Type Carrier-based fighter
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