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P-51B Mustang, Wanderzirkus, Captured, T9-CK, 2 / Versuchsverband OKL, Wunstorf Airfield, Summer 1944
Wow! This whole package is an assault on the senses, offering an unusual model, a card-like owner's certificate, and a new box.
  • Wow 1 - striking, bold colors and markings, the model is well painted and assembled. In addition, there's the as-usual excellent mold. My only grumbles concern the aerial, which kept flopping about, and the prop, which wouldn't spin and had to be hand-cranked.
  • Wow 2 - the owner's certificate, which is plastic like a credit card, and has the "of" statement stamped like a card's account number. The graphics quality on the card is stunning, and it seems the card alone would be a collector's item.
  • Wow 3 - the box is both a work of art and a safe refuge for the model. For me, the box is an important part of any model's value; the better the box the more collectable the model. This one by GeminiAces tops them all, even the excellent Corgi versions. The flap and snap, illustrated below, is very clever; the black packing material is easy to remove, yet protects the model better than the bubble-rap used so effectively by Corgi, and less effectively by Witty, HobbyMaster, and most 1/400 model producers. Herpa is the one exception in the 1/400 range, and they use the same internal packing as is used in this GA model. A great big congratulations to GeminiAces for producing this packaging method, and I hope they plan to use it in the future on all their models.
This is truly a collector's item, and by that I mean an enthusiast's model, one you just have to have in your GeminiAces P-51B collection. For some time now GA has bounced between seeming death, and surprise revivals, and with this offering I would be willing to consider GeminiAces here to stay!
Type Land-based fighter
GeminiAces item


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