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Bf 109F-4, Oberleutnant Wolfdieter Huy, 7./JG77, Lunga, Rumania, 1941
So, a green Bf 109F. I tried to get really excited about this model, but in the end felt sort of ho-hum. Normally, I'm a great fan of green camo, and really love my Corgi Bf 109E Neuman. However, there is something visceral about the E that is missing in the F.

There are two non-visceral-related problems with this model. The first is the main gear: it looks flimsy and there is a gap between the top of the gear doors and the bottom of the wing. The second is the now skinny pilot, who seems to be sitting too far forward.

Anyway, I had a hard time shooting the flying pictures because the prop is so heavy (metal, you know) that I had to spin it by hand, which caused the model to vibrate, making the images blur. In some of the ground pictures, our star shares the limelight with a landlocked Easy Model Yak-3 (number 37228, for those who just gotta know). More about that later, gater...
Type Land-based fighter
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Distribution 1792 of 2,000

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