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GeminiAces German

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4, III./JG 54, Russian Front, Winter 1944
Well-made model by an established manufacturer of small-scale multi-engine airliners and military transports.

The model has a moveable rudder and ailerons, which, unfortunately, is a minus for me, since I like my models "solid" with as little gimmickry as possible. However, the moveable parts are very well excecuted, are tight enough to stay in place, and are not prone to falling off (as they do from models produced by another company--a problem which we won't drag out again).

This Friedrich has a rather loud camouflage scheme that was murder to photograph (I tried several background colors, but fell back on the tried-and-true brown).

The prop is made of metal, and therefore heavy, so it barely turns under the hairdryer (but that's a good thing because it makes it a lot easier to get those motion-blur shots).

The paint is well applied, and even though its texture is flat, there are very few scuff marks (the bane of flat-surface models produced by another company--bow wow).

The landing gear is easy to take off and put on, fits well, and stays where it is supposed to (other model-makers take note!).

Overall, a very pleasing model to own, and hopefully I can afford to get the other Friedrichs as they come out over the next few months.
Fictitious factoid: The pilot is actually a toy gnome from a collection of unsold doll houses found in an abandoned Chinese factory-warehouse. Since the Chinese believe in that old American adage "waste not, want not", they decided to use the gnomes as pilot figures in the current line of GeminiAces 1/72 models. That is all well and good, except that the gnomes turned out to be 1/63 scale!
Type Land-based fighter-bomber
GeminiAces item


Distribution 2,000

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