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Vickers Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX (EN520) No 81 Squadron RAF, Squadron Leader Colin Falkland Grey: Tunisia 1943
An overall well done Spitfire, from GeminiAce's generally excellent mold. The paint is colorful and mostly well applied, if a bit on the thin side (see where the paint has rubbed off the top-side roundels). The mold is superior in many ways to other 1/72 scale Spitfires. The prop seems to be made of metal, the gear concept is good (even if manufacturing carry-through lacks), the canopy is well formed and commendably thin, and each exhaust stack has a nice little flare at the end.

At first, I hadn't intended to take pictures of this model because the gear wouldn't fit in the slot provided in the fuselage, and because the prop wouldn't turn. However, I was able to get the prop to turn (but only at flat-out speed) by wedging it from the mount with an X-acto knife and running it for several minutes under the blast from a hair drier. The landing gear finally fit after much filing.

Despite all the good design work done, this mold has two conceptual problems that, ultimately, make it somewhat of a failure. One problem is the moveable ailerons, which have the habit of sagging (as demonstrated on all my copies -- and on this copy I added daubs of tacky clay keep the ailerons in place). To allow animation of the ailerons, separate tips were added to the end of each wing. These tips allow the aileron hinges to be inserted in the wings, and about half the time they don't fit properly, resulting in an ugly warped appearance. A second problem with the mold is the moveable rudder. To enable a side-to-side movement, two hinges were added, one near the top of the fin and one near the bottom. Needless to say, these hinges weren't part of the original 1:1 version of the Spitfire, and on this or any diecast they are most definitely out of place.
Type Fighter
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