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GeminiAces British

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Mustang III (P-51B) FZ152, Wing Commander Stanislaw Skalski, No. 133 (Polish) Wing, Royal Air Force
Wonderful mould, probably the best overall mould of the P-51 in this scale anywhere. The only complaint I have is the weak landing gear pegs; the gear has a tendency to slide forward and collapse. The pegs that slip into the gear wells should have been half-again longer. You can see that the starboard gear has slid forward in some of the shots.

The Malcom hood is especially well done; very clear and smooth.

The prop had to be spun by hand. Where two planes were in the shot, I held the hair dryer in one hand and the remote shutter release in the other, then spun the prop with the other...no, wait, I spun the prop with the hand that had the remote while trying to hold the hair dryer on the other model...well, you get the idea; it took about 60 shots to get the two pictures used in this update!

Oh, and that gnome pilot...at least he's happy, even if a little out of his element!
Type Air superiority fighter
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Distribution 1478 of 2000

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