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1/72 Warplanes
Gaincorp Russian

Type Demonstrator
Gaincorp item no. 8018
Production run Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Su-47, S-37 Berkut
World Aircraft Collection. Of the four or five people who have found this web page, all have no doubt read about the German WWII jet-powered design projects that included forward-swept wings. (I've included three drawing that I lifted from Luft '46.) That makes the Berkut design concept at least 50 years old, depending on when work on the S-37 began. But, of course, the difference between concept and flyable product is miles apart, and Russia's aviation industry has now proved the concept (though I understand that the Berkut requires considerable computer-aided input to stay airborne, which is also true of some recent advanced designs from other countries).

To the subject at hand, this is my first Gaincorp diecast, and I'm not sure this type of poseable model is my cup of tea. (Yes, I know, its not tea, its a ...) The model is well made, though the aileron-like devices tend to droop and gap, and movement is often limited to only one of the two ways they're supposed to move. In concept and construction, this model is much like the Witty diecast it is shown with; the big difference is that the Witty models are smooth, with no rivet heads, while the Gaincorp has quite a few rivet holes in the control surfaces and body panels.

Bloggy woggy, doodle. Yesterday, I was trying to find out why my "&" icon wouldn't display on the line with the web page title, and I stumbled on a page that listed statistics for this site, including the number of hits, and world areas where the hits originated. After reading the stats, I felt like the character that Weird Al played in UHF after he found out his girl had left him and that he was going to lose the station, and before he stumbled on the guy with the mop. The vast part of the views are from...Croatia?

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