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1/72 Warplanes
Falcon German

Type Liaison
Falcon item no. FA724001
Production run Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Fi 156 Storch, used by Erwin Rommel, unit unknown, 1942, North Africa
Wings of Fame. Up to this point, Falcon hasn't appealed because their models seem a bit rough, examples of this being, on the F-86D, the poor quality of the rocket pod ; and on the F9F, the high peak on the canopy as well as the ugly seam running down the upper intake fillet.

This model has some roughies too, such as the bottom end of the wing brace that doesn't quite make it into the hole in the fuselage on the starboard side (yes, I tried, but it is solidly not in the hole); as well as the heavy-handedness of the framing around the windshield; and the apparently inaccessible interior of the cockpit, making it impossible to add figures (obviously, the model shown here is happily droning).

However, the model has its charms: it is a Fieseler Storch, which makes it unique; and overall, it is well done, which makes it a credible collectable diecast. That brace and hole problem chaps, but not enough to keep me from buying other models in the series. The ability to add crew members would be a real plus, even if the figures need to be trimmed to fit. Oddly, and to the good, the Storch is about the same weight as the Corgi Lysander model shown in some of the pictures, which means Falcon didn't stint on the zinc (or whatever), which adds to the model's, uh, specific gratuity.

Hopefully, Falcon will find some additional unique models to produce; any and all would be much appreciated, I'm sure.

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