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Easy Model United States

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P-47D, 512 FS, 406 FG (yellow nose)
This model manufacturer (Trumpeter) is very impressive. Unfortunately, their web page is out-of-date, and does not include information about the Easy Model line. However, they do have a good blurb about their facilities, and some information about their model kits. With the subtle lines (and as far as I'm concerned, that's where it's at), fine research, and excellent molds, this company could be a real player in the diecast (metal) market. But, these models are less appealing to me than metal, so I collect them as an interesting sideline.

This particular model is very well done, with good paint and assembly, and reasonably realistic interior (cockpit and wheel well) detailing. All around, it LOOKS like the real thing, and makes a nice display model (just pretend it has heft, and don't pick it up). One problem: the props don't spin freely on these models, and some appear to be glued on. The prop on this one will turn, but it acts like it would rather be left alone.

One last thing, SOMETHING STRANGE LIVES INSIDE THE FUSELAGE. I don't know what it is, but whenever the model is picked up, the thing inside shifts around. Maybe someone at the factory decided to add their own heft (because the thing moving around is heavy), or maybe it's a smuggled diamond...and maybe I should open the plane to find out...and maybe I should just leave it alone and live with my illusions...
Type Land-based fighter-bomber
Easy Model No.


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