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Easy Model Russian

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Yak-3, 157 Sqn., 1944, aircraft no. 15
These are cute little models. They don't have pilots (so can't be pictured flying), the landing gear is fixed, and they are totally plastic (they're so light they almost fly!). Wish the makers of metal diecast also made Russian WWII types, but until they do, I'll pick up a few of these. They are especially useful as photo backdrops.

I buy mine online from squadron.com or modelrectifier.com. The Squadron web page is a bit confusing, so on their home page click the blue bar at top, then click Search, then under Manufacturer select Model Rectifier Corp. To find these models on the Model Rectifier web site, click All Brands, then select Easy Model.

Wonder why Easy Model doesn't branch out into metal...
Type Land-based fighter
Easy Model No.


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