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1/72 Warplanes
Dragon Wings United States

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

P-51D Mustang, Glamorous Glennis, 363rd Fighter Sdn., 357th Fighter Grp.
Warbirds Series. This is the first model made from Dragon Wings' excellent P-51D mould. The paint is well applied, and the propeller detailing is especially noteworthy.

Can't see a thing. The windscreen was damaged by the over-application of adhesive in the factory.

Same flap. The flaps are better at staying in the up position than subsequent models (see here).

Proof reading fun. Note on the box cover it reads "363th Fighter Squadron" instead of "363rd Fighter Squadron."

Somehow disatisfying. The model has an air of accuracy without substance. It is more like a plastic model than a collectable diecast, as if it were designed for someone who wants to pick it up occasionally and work the flaps up and down and slide the canopy back and forth. The Corgi models aren't as detailed, but they seem to have more heft and authority; everything from paint to assembly to packaging bespeaks of quality and permanence. Dragon Wings seems to prefer a more toy-like image, or a gimmicky model for the younger crowd. While Corgi models may stay on as family heirlooms, the Dragon models may eventually be given to the kids, and go from there to the recycling bin.

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