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Corgi United States

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P-51K Mustang, Mrs. Bonnie, Lt. Col. Bill Dunham, 348th FG, Ie Shima, 1945
Aviation Archive, Nose Art Collection. I ordered this model because of the stripes on the tail (both vertical and horizontal). However, I fell in love with it because it's a beautiful example of the modeller's art. I was so impressed after examining it the first time, I actually showed it to my wife. Even she liked it, and normally when my wife looks at a diecast airplane all she sees is a hunk of metal with paint on it (which, in the final analysis, it is; but my wife is much more practical than I am).

This is my second polished Corgi, and I've been greatly impressed with both. It's also my second Nose Art model, and I've found the Nose Art panels very impressive. The panel for this model is made of polished metal and is approximately 6" by 3". The panel is clearly printed on the front and painted zinc-oxide on the back.

For the Mustang collector, this one is a real must. Highly recommended.

Type Land-based fighter
Corgi item #


Limited edition 0215 of 2700


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