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Corgi United States

P-51D Mustang Lt. Julian H. Bertram, 362nd Fighter Squadron, 44-14798 G4-V "Butch Baby"

Aviation Archive. Well-done model in the new mold, and new prices, of course. This is getting to be an expensive hobby; but then, we could be golfing and spending REAL money, right? If it wasn't for the support of our spouses, we'd all be divorced by now (or, perhaps, having to find an alternate source of funds, like pickpocket or street corner musician...). To my eye, the colors are all accurate (though I'm not a by-the-book color expert) and the detailing (lights, lettering, national insignia, nose decorations, prop detailing) are neat and complete, with no blows. Did I mention the canopy? It is the best I've seen on a Corgi WWII type. As I've commented before, I love this mold. Hopefully, Corgi will deem to recreate some of the older Mustang camo schemes (both U.S. and British) using this new, more accurate tooling. If I can avoid the poor house, I plan to get 'em all.

One thing on the model I've ignored is the "down flap" option. I'm afraid that if I try to pull out the "up flaps" I'll scratch the paint, so feel it is best to leave the option alone.

Type Fighter
Corgi item #


Distribution 1062 of 1400

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